Turkey Dominates the Tourism Industry in 2018

Turkey is a country with thousands of tourist attractions, welcoming people and amazing beaches. It ranks among top ten most visited countries, and its cities Istanbul and Antalya being among top ten cities with most visitors. Istanbul, the biggest city of Turkey, lies across Asia and Europe and is responsible for nearly one-fourth of visitors who choose Turkey for vacations. Whenever we hear Turkey’s name, the first places that click in our minds are Blue Mosque and Bodrum beaches. However, there are many other amazing must-visit locations that many people usually ignore.


Here we have compiled a list of such places. You just cannot risk not paying any attention to these wonderful sites. Have a look at the top places to visit in Turkey.


Butterfly’s Valley – Ölüdeniz

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This beautiful place is located in Fethiye district and is named so because of 115 Butterfly species in the valley’s area. Activities like hiking, scuba diving, camping and canyoning can be performed there. This spot is an ultimate display of nature’s beauty.



Pamukkale – Denizli

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These seemingly unreal and dreamlike travertines with hot mineral pool water were built by Greeks many centuries ago. This place is so fascinating that it attracts two million visitors every year. Taking a bath in these warm pools is a heavenly treat. This is shaping up to be an on-point turkey travel guide.



Ayder Yaylasi – Rize

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Want to see a breathtaking natural spot with all over greenery? An Ayder resort is the answer. Dense forestry and waterfalls make Ayder a place worth visiting. The spring water goes around 550C temperature.



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The land of chimneys and caves is near to Kayseri city and holds a great importance in Turkish tourism. Witnessing clefts, pinnacles and sensuous folds in the rocky mountains feels literally amazing from the above in hot air balloons. A trip to Turkey is simply incomplete without seeing this historical and natural wonder.


Princes Islands

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A combo of nine small islands in Istanbul city is named so because troublesome princes were sent here to exiled or executed by Byzantine Kings. The most beautiful of all, Büyükada is a place for eating, drinking, cycling, horse riding and swimming at the beach. A cruise to all the islands where you get to see Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia and whole of Istanbul from a different style is a treat for eyes.



Mount Nemrut

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Hidden for over 2000 years, Mount Nemrut with all its astounding temples and statues of Zeus, Heracles and Apollo were rediscovered in 1881. The site is dramatically cold over the year, with a slight cool breeze in the summers as well.




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It is probably the best preserved historical site in the whole Mediterranean region. With all the ancient paintings, coins and statues, the site attracts over a million visitors every year. Nearby are many ancient churches, a mosque and a museum. On a few kilometres ride, there are multiple tiny clean beaches perfect for sunbathing.




Alaçatı, near Çeşme, is a small modern village with old stone houses and dozens of roadside cafes, restaurants and boutiques. Houses of vibrant colors with flowers hung on their walls and clean streets give a pleasant view. This place is a must visit if you hit Izmir.



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If you have not seen a historic Ottoman town, then Safranbolu must be your next destination. The views of half-timbered houses in the daytime and mesmerizing night lightning will blow your mind. The local cafes serve Ottoman cuisine. Most of the houses have huge pools to cool down the air in summers.


Zeugma Ancient City – Gaziantep


Source: Istanbul Turkey Book


This ancient place with a stunning day and night view is your historical treat. Absorb all the incredible structures as you lose your own self in the ancient city of Zeugma.

Bozcaada – Çanakkale

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This historical castle in Turkey is a must-visit if you’re planning your next vacation to Turkey. It holds much strategic historical importance for the region.


So are you planning a trip to Turkey? Let us know in the comments below of your past experiences of Turkey. Hey, with international flavor such as PSL coming to Pakistan, we might have to make a guide for our own nation in the future!


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