Celebrities Continue to Join the Feminist Movement in Pakistan

To all the people who have no idea what this top trending topic on the Pakistani twitter #Girlsonbikes is all about, it is basically the third rally held by the ‘Girls at Dhabas’ as a motive to empower women by reclaiming their public spaces in Pakistan.

It is true that women in Pakistan are deprived of freely moving around Replica Watches the public spaces in the country. Startlingly, the major cities of the country too proudly withstand the heavy load of patriarchy on their shoulders and have been dispossessing the women in country from claiming their right to move around the public spaces.

But not anymore! Says the ‘Girls at Dhabas’ squad, which organized this march that has been taking place consecutively since past 2 years.

This came with reactions of every kind. There were people who supported this initiative and called it an excellent move while others threw a barrage of criticism and questioned the honor of the girls who participated in this rally.

This came as no surprise as we are still a country that’s fighting its battle against patriarchy. From our markets to even our TV programming, all areas of life in Pakistan are unfortunately plagued by misogynistic values. A recent morning show which encouraged black-face on women is evidence of that.

There was a massive parade of people who backed up this move and they took to twitter to show their support.

Bravo girls!

We are proud too!

Yeh sarak meri he!!

 Then there were some people who need to be re-taught about the concept of ‘equal rights’.

We failed to understand what is this one more concerned about.

This girl still has the old ‘mindset’ and cares about ‘other people’.

She needed to be schooled. And Meesha Shafi schooled her well.

Oh well.

There is hope it seems, as far as Feminism in Pakistan is concerned. It’s incredible how the girls who took part in this rally ensured their participation in this eminently brilliant motive in spite of being well aware how many would disregard their efforts to reclaim their right. Kudos girls, we highly appreciate it!


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