Moreover, the Czech Republic oversees the activities Accidents Monitoring System Administrator Consumer and activities of the National Drug Institute in Warsaw. Undersecretary of State Katarzyna Glowala, by order, is responsible for the Department of Budget, Finance and Investment, Department of Health Policy and Personnel Position Work for the Internal Audit. Glowala also oversees the activities of .: Cancer Center – Institute for them. Maria Sklodowska-Curie, the Coordination Center for Organizational Affairs Transplantation “Poltransplant” in Warsaw, Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion in Warsaw and the National Blood Center in Warsaw. Deputy Minister Zbigniew King will be responsible for performing the tasks by the Department of Analyzes and Strategies, Department of Health Care Organization, Health Insurance Department, the Department of Public Health. King oversees activities such as Agency for Health Technology Assessment and tariffs in Warsaw, Center for Quality in Health Care in Krakow, Institute of Occupational Medicine. prof. dr. med.

George Nofera in Lodz, Institute of Food and Nutrition them. prof. dr. med. Alexander Szczygiel in Warsaw, the National Office for the Prevention of Drug Addiction in Warsaw and the National Health Fund in Warsaw. Among the deputy ministers canceled on Monday were two people from the leadership of the Ministry of Health – Take a bite and Peter Marek Tombarkiewicz. The remaining five deputy ministers of the Ministry of Joseph Szczurek-Iron, Janusz Cieszyn, Catherine Glowala Zbigniew King and Martin Czech Republic. Marek Tombarkiewicz as Deputy Minister of Health, among others, He initiated, coordinated and supervised the execution of tasks by the Departments: Science and Higher Education, the Organization for Protection of Health and the Medical Rescue and Defense.

Peter Gryza in recent days he was responsible for initiating, coordinating and supervising the performance of the Department of Health Insurance; He oversees the activities of the National Health Fund in Warsaw. Previously he worked on Department of European Funds and e-Health. In connection with the false information that appeared in the material RMF FM radio on 19 October 2017 Subcommittee to re-examine the plane crash of 10 April 2010 it indicates that fully confirms the words of the Minister Antoni Macierewicz, the nature of the phenomena recorded by one of the recorders of the Tu-154M – wrote spokeswoman Marta subcommittee Palonek in the message sent by the Ministry. RMF FM radio reported on Thursday morning that “the subcommittee does not confirm the words of Smolensk Antoni Macierewicz.” “Defense Minister said a few days ago that in writing one of the presidential Tupolev recorders found a moment in which there was an explosion and the ongoing work on the exclusion of other interpretations of this record. With the official position of the Ministry of Defense subcommittee, however, shows something completely different” – said station.

On Saturday, Defense Minister Antoni Macierewicz, who participated in the congress of the heads of Polish Gazeta clubs in Spala, the question journalists about the current arrangements ws. Smolensk disaster, said: “The moment of explosion has been identified, we found him in the record of one of the recorders.” Defense Minister reminded determine operating at the Ministry of Defense podkomisji.zobacz also Macierewicz: Importance of Expert Center for Counterintelligence NATO is fundamental »” Then we determined that there was an explosion that ultimately destroyed the plane – a crucial point, because there is still a lot of additional detail. We now know a lot more. We found in the record of one of the registrars moment of the explosion – was identified. We present its analysis and the exclusion of all other possibilities of interpretation of the electronic record, “- he added. April 10 this year. subcommittee, summarizing their findings so far, said that the plane was torn explosions in the fuselage, wings and wing center and left destruction began even before the passage of the birch. The Commission reported that 850 meters before the airport, at an altitude of 35 meters, the recorder ATM QAR registered “a series of violent shocks” aircraft, and two seconds later TAWS recorded landing (although not done so in dozens of previous flights) and at the same time the failure of the chassis, and black boxes registered failures radio altimeters.

A second later, the plane had started to fall rapidly. See also: Macierewicz: Report on the Smolensk catastrophe in the spring »Subcommittee was established in February 2016. by the defense minister Antoni Macierewicz, according to which state institutions that have investigated the Smolensk disaster, not to fulfill their most basic duties and decisions in this matter They were political. In the years 2010-11 Smolensk catastrophe examined the Aircraft Accident Investigation Commission, whose chairman was the then head of the Ministry of Interior Jerzy Miller. A report published in July 2011. Report, the commission Miller found that the cause of the crash was the descent below the minimum descent altitude, and consequently the aircraft collision with trees, leading to a gradual deterioration of the structure of the machine. The Commission emphasized that neither audio recorders or flight data do not support the thesis of the explosion on board the plane. April 10, 2010.

In Smolensk crash of the Polish Tu-154 killed 96 people, including President Lech Kaczynski and his wife, members of parliament and supreme commander of the army. Mazurek was questioned by journalists on Monday about the allegations of political platforms, according to which the draft amendment to the Law on combatants and certain persons who are victims of war and repression of the postwar period and the Act on social assistance is “frozen” in the Sejm for the PiS. PO politicians appealed to the Speaker of Parliament and all the political forces to the Parliament at the next meeting in September, he took the project on assistance to the participants of the Warsaw Uprising. January 25 held the first reading of this project, and he was sent to the parliamentary committee of social policy and family. “Since then the project has been frozen, it is a scandalous thing,” – said the deputy Michal Szczerba.zobacz also: Mazurka: Between the Polish Law and Justice and solidary no conflict “in the project AFTER stipulates that the cost of staying in the veterans nursing home will covered “in 50 per cent. by the municipality as part of its own tasks,” and the remaining amount will come from the state budget, as a task commissioned to the municipalities of the government administration. Mazurek said on Monday that PiS wants the project involved all veterans. “We want to include all veterans such aid” – declared. “It is sad that the platform draws on the Warsaw insurgents, (they) had eight years and therefore enough time to offer not only the insurgents of Warsaw, but all veterans, this type of help.

Let’s wait for the government proposal, pay for research paper in apa for sure it will be cover everyone, not only the Warsaw insurgents, we do not want them to differentiate “- said a spokesman for the PiS. Mazurek expressed the hope that the government project will be ready as soon as possible. “I know that the project had to stand on the government, I could not see whether he stood or not, I know with certainty that the work on this project underway and include everyone, not just the Warsaw insurgents” – she noted. So what happened, may have temporary negative effects on the Polish market, but generally it is used on the Polish and the EU, where you have to resist the tendency to shatter – PiS leader stressed. On the question of the lack of support for the choice even Hungary Jacek Saryusz-Wolski, the head of the European Council, Kaczynski replied: “Perhaps indeed there were any delays in the start of our campaign, but it does not depend only on us.” “The surprise for the support of Viktor Orban was not a radical, I knew that is under powerful pressure, and I knew that it is as if protected by the European People’s Party. Lead war with his own political group would be him extremely difficult.

But it does not mean that we do not have this the feelings of the profession “- pointed out the head of the PiS.zobacz Tusk called to the prosecutor’s office. Kaczynski: I swear on every sanctity that today heard about it “probably would be better if everything was prepared in advance – said Kaczynski. “But I do not think it changed the outcome of the vote if only one vote. What has happened is the result of the fact that the EU has been dominated by one country. Actually, by one person. This is a dangerous situation for the Community” – dodal.Lider Justice was also asked whether or not the time has come to return to the discussion of the entrance to the monetary union. “No entry to the euro zone will mean that either the dollar is valued highly, which hit our exports, that is, in our economy – 45 percent. GDP is exports, which is ultimately our standard of living. Or we will evaluate it low, but it will mean a blow to our standard of living, the fall in demand, and therefore also a blow to the economy. there is no escape from this “- said the president PiS.Pytany if you can not” fairly valued euro “- as the creator of the Act Franks spoke of” righteous course “- he said:” It would not capture, export to stick, but the Poles have gone with the bags. ” He added that it would be impossible to keep “some radical difference” between the prices in Poland and eg.

In neighboring Germany. In this case – pointed – “Poles living standards decline by 20-25 per cent. For many years is inevitable” .See also Szczerski: When choosing Tusk exceeded the red line of the lack of solidarity “of note that many countries entered the euro zone and there was impoverishment, for example. Lithuania and Slovakia, Kaczynski said that these countries entered the euro zone during the crisis. “The decline in living standards survived the crisis, and then came the euro. Besides – with all due respect to those countries – that their economies are much smaller. The three Baltic countries together have a lower GDP than the Mazovia Province.

Therefore, some economic mechanisms act differently,” – he stressed. According to him, Poland may adopt the common currency, we will have 85 percent. Germany’s GDP per capita.Kaczynski was also asked whether the creation of humanitarian corridors. “Yes. As for the humanitarian corridors, helping even hundreds of sick people, then I do not mind. It’s not my decision, only the government, but you can it take “- said Kaczynski.” I need help.

I go to church rector of the Redemptorists in the New Town and maintain there a single family in Syria, the widow of his son. Such actions are needed and he in them participate. But the other thing is to impose society a change in the way of life associated with mass immigration, which will entail a lower level of security and permission will not. I understand that people living in guarded homes or gated communities can not afford the luxury of pieknoduchowskiej generosity. But the duty of democratic power is to care for those who themselves can not provide security, “- said the head of the PiS . Opening the plenary session in Brussels, Tajani said that the EP has received a request of French justice to waive the immunity of the French far-right MEP. In accordance with the procedure europarlamentarna request was referred to the Legal Affairs Committee. Usually this type of case consideration by the EP takes many months.

France conducted an investigation is to clarify whether Le Pen paid staff partyjnemu National Front in France with funds of the European Parliament, which – in line with EU rules – should be used only for the remuneration of assistants working for eurodeputowanych.zobacz also: Hollande ministers: Make, what we can to defeat Le Pen “the European Parliament demanded from Le Pen, the return of 300 thousand. euros per head of the employment office, Catherine Griset in the years 2010-16, as well as payment of PE funds bodyguard. Parliament started from February to recover this amount by deducting half the salary Le Pen. The European Parliament overturned the earlier immunity Marine Le Pen, but in another case: in connection with the investigation concerning the publication by it on Twitter with images of executions of hostages Islamic State. The waiver of the immunity requested to the European public prosecutor’s office in Nanterre, to be able to listen to the French MEP. In 2015, Le Pen has published on your profile photo showing executions of hostages by violent jihadists of the Islamic State (IS), including the execution of American journalist James Foley, who was beheaded. Le Pen bandaged these photos commented, “This is Daesz” using the Arabic acronym IS.

The publication of photographs provoked outrage in France. Prosecutors can put its objection dissemination of images of violence, which carries a penalty of up to three years in prison and 75 thousand. Euro grzywny.zobacz also Macron: yet I did not win, I will fight to defeat Le Pen »48-year-old head of the previous antyunijnego antyimigracyjnego and the National Front on April 23 passed to the second round of presidential elections in France. Surveys show, however, that a majority of over 60 percent. beat her centrist votes Emmanuel Macron. The second round of voting will be held on 7 May. Le Pen claims that on its litigation and requests for waiver of immunity is an attempt to exert political pressure. It is still difficult to determine whether a desire to assert their rights to personal data protection supervisory authority before it became a trend or merely a general effect of increased interest in new regulations, which many people immediately want to use.

For now, however, the number of complaints flowing into the office is not decreasing – told PAP Agnieszka Swiatek-Druse. She added that the preliminary analysis of the complaints shows that “a significant proportion of complaints may be unjustified, but certainly it will be concluded at the end of their effect on the initiated administrative proceedings”. According to GSN reason may be that many people do not know the limits imposed by the regulations. As an example, the Office gives the right to be forgotten, under Article. 17 General Data Protection Regulation (RODO). “Not every fact situation, we can use it. For example, it will not be entitled to if the data processing is necessary to fulfill by the administrator of the obligation under the law or to perform the task carried out in the public interest or in the exercise of public authority entrusted administrator “- explains Swiatek-druse. GSN also stresses that many of the complaints that affect the president of GSN, has formal defects, eg.

There is no signature of the complaint sent by mail, and sent electronically to the lack of a qualified electronic signature or signature confirmed ePUAP trusted profile.


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