“A perfume is like a piece of clothing, a message, a way of presenting oneself, a costume that differs according to the woman who wears it.”

– Paloma Picasso

One of the most incredible things to ever be made in this world is hands down, the invention of fragrances. Even though it dates back to 3000 years ago. The first time recorded was in 1370 under the order of Queen Elizabeth of Hungary. Since a queen ordered the creation of such a thing, it has got to be unique – don’t you think?

Nevertheless, over the years, the popularity of fragrance gained prominence, and now it is the must-have thing for every person – especially women. Women fragrances are filled with a sweet aroma and a tantalizing vibe. They gush out pheromones which also attack your nerves creating signals in your brains similar to falling in love. Most commonly, women will search for either branded perfumes, i.e., with a steep price tag or a perfume that is inexpensive but then cuts on the quality – the sillage or notes that hit you the hardest. Here in Pakistan, we may wonder where we can find the most affordable branded perfumes price in Pakistan. Well, search no more because Niovani.pk is offering you exclusive, branded, and nothing but the best in a fraction of the price. Isn’t that a good bargain?

Women scents, just like men, are so diverse that it may become challenging to recognize. Still, at the same time, some scents are more enticing than the other, e.g., notes like Floral are the all-time favourite amongst women as it draws the highest number of attentions. In contrast, perfumes with sweet notes and fruity notes rank second and third respectively amongst female choices. A good quality perfume will always be remembered by anyone, especially the opposite gender, because the aroma goes straight to the heart. Before someone sees you, they will get the scent of you entering the room and get mesmerized by it. So, why not take the opportunity to check for branded perfumes price in Pakistan at Niovani.pk to get your hands on the most exclusive collection we have in store.

“Every Piece of Jewellery Tells a Story.”

Do you know what is incredible about women jewellery? It is the fact that every piece of it is so uniquely crafted and serves a different purpose while creating an elegant and sophisticated visual which is simply breathtaking and mesmerizing. 

Pakistan is well-known as a country of a lively culture which is filled with all kinds of festivals and celebration. Many of the festivals ranging from Eid to Public Holidays are filled with many festivals all year round. All the festivals are exceptional in their way and represent our country’s affluence, culture, tradition, and heritage. Before any event, every bazaar or women’s market will be filled with long queues and eager customers, which creates the wholesome aura of the festivities; however, since the global pandemic has put the world on a standstill due to safety precaution, shopping and buying jewellery and clothes have become quite limited. With safety protocols and guidelines, it has become very difficult to manage and conveniently go shopping. Nonetheless, this is where we (Niovani.pk) come into play with our platform for Jewellery shopping online in Pakistan, where you can select and purchase any jewellery you wish with many intricate designs and options to choose from. Moreover, our prices are the reason why we boast of our products as you’re getting something worth double the price under normal circumstances in a fraction of the price usually.

So whether it is Eid, Christmas, a family wedding, office-get-together, an interview, or even a hangout, we urge you to take a look at our exquisite collection of necklaces, earrings, rings, pendants, lockets, bangles, etc. Visit us at Niovani.pk and shop from an enormous range of fashion jewellery festivals and other occasions. Update your collection of fragrantic perfumes with our latest line up an extravagant collection of perfumes and fragrances that would leave everyone else in awe and dumbfounded. It is time to add some unique and designer jewellery pieces to your festive jewellery collection and aromatic perfumes by doing some Jewellery shopping online in Pakistan and getting the right Branded perfumes price in Pakistan at Niovani.pk.





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